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This website is intended for qualified beauty professionals only.
This website is intended for qualified beauty professionals only.

Elleebana Precision Brow Pencil

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This product has been created as a finishing service in collaboration to either a Henna Brow service or a Brow tint service or alternatively as a standalone retail item for salons.  There has been a demand to produce a retail range to help with boosting the retail component of a brow service and after trialling powders, pens, creams and butters Elleebana have developed a gloriously silky soft formulation that glides on and stays.

Available in three build-able shades:⠀

  •  Light Ash Brown;⠀
  •  Deep Warm Brown; ⠀
  •  Dark Ash Brown. 

 Some of the wonderful benefits of each of the colours are:

  • They are buildable and it’s easy to achieve clean brush stroke effects or more of a shadowed powder-like effect by blending out the strokes with the brush on the other end of the pen;
  • The pressure you use to apply can increase the result - you can use soft pressure for a gentle effect or more pressure for more definition
  • They are retractable;
  • The formulation contains bees and carnauba wax as well as castor oil all for hair nourishment and to create a soft non scratching application;
  • The product is not waterproof as it does eventually come off but the staying power here is impressive in comparison to loads of other pencils on the market.